Warmflow Stainless Steel Jacketed Butterfly Valves

Warmflow Stainless Steel Jacketed Butterfly Valves


Stainless Steel Jacketed Butterfly Valve
Manual and Automatic Operation Options

The ‘WARMFLOW’ range of jacketed valves, designed by British Engineers, was Initially manufactured specifically to provide a solution to the recurring problem of chocolate, which sets solid when allowed to cool in a hygienic isolation valve. This chocolate needs to flow freely during start-up and throughout production.

Warmflow Jacketed Butterfly valve


Trace heating or jacketing a pipe has been used for many years and solves the problem of product flowing freely in the pipe, this is only effective up to the valve, as it does not heat or free the valve when the substance solidifies.

The solution to this is to preheat the confection with steam or hot water via a jacket that encapsulates a hygienic valve, the product is then turned into a liquefied state allowing free-flowing product inside the hygienic valve.

To manufacture the Warmflow jacketed valve, a hygienic Butterfly Valve is encapsulated in a 316 stainless steel jacket, making this a complete hygienic solution, that complies with FDA requirements. It can be supplied with various hygienic process end connections and a choice of heating inlet/outlets. The Valve can be offered in both manual and actuated options with Sizes ranging from 1” up to 4”. The valve is maintainable, and liners are readily available, which can be ordered via our website using our unique valve configurator on valvesonline.co.uk or the industry-specific site hygienicselect.co.uk

Actuated jacketed Butterfly Valve


The Warmflow jacketed butterfly valve can be supplied with a manual lever handle or with a pneumatic actuator and control top options.


The ‘WARMFLOW’ range of jacketed valves have now been used and helped to solve many more problematic applications such as
• Viscous or temperature critical food media
• Chocolate lines
• Glucose
• Fat Syrup
• Jam
• Boiled syrup

Jacketed Butterfly Valves in line

The images above show the warmflow jacketed butterfly valve in use at confectionery factory. 2” warmflow Jacketed Butterfly Valves were used in a circuit which delivers chocolate to an enrober, via a chocolate tempering machine and then returning from the enrober to the chocolate storage tanks via a de-tempering heat exchanger. Along with 1.5" jacketed circuit, which supplies chocolate to a decorator, via a chocolate tempering machine.

Stainless Steel Manual Jacketed Butterfly Valve

Jacketed Butterfly Valve

Stainless Steel Jacketed Butterfly Valve with Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator

Actuated Butterfly Valve

An innovatively designed combination of an all stainless steel heating jacket and hygienic butterfly valve. This unit is ideally suited to the confectionery industry, allowing the valve to operate freely with the product remaining free to flow at the required temperature. Offered with A manual operator, it is suitable for shut-off isolation and regulation of media flows in primary hygienic applications. End connections are offered in RJT, ASME weld ends and tri-clamp as standard, with options of IDF, DIN and SMS on Request. The finish is machined/polished In 316 stainless steel, with the valve internals to Ra 0.6 µm.

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Incorporating a combination of the Warmflow stainless steel jacketed hygienic butterfly valve and a streamlined stainless steel linear pneumatic actuator. The unit has options in modular form for adding solenoid pilot valves/ switching and modulating control functions (Ctop). This unit is ideally suited to the confectionery, food and cosmetic industry. The jacket is heated to allow the valve to operate freely with viscus or solid products such as chocolate, which flows better when heated. Modular in design it’s the perfect choice for centralised or decentralised automation that demands process control via Fieldbus technology. End connections are offered in RJT, ASME weld ends and tri-clamp as standard, with options of IDF, DIN and SMS on Request. The finish of the valve is machined/polished 316 stainless steel.

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Patent-pending on the heating jacket

The jacket can be manufactured to accommodate most hygienic butterfly valves

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