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Use our free online chemical compatibility checker to find the right materials for your chemical uses. Our chemical compatibility chart is powered by an in-depth chemical compatibility database so finding the right chemical and material combinations has never been easier.

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Rating System

This chart shows materials rated on their compatibility with chemicals in a letter grading system. The grades for this chemical compatibility guide are as shown below.

A = Excellent - recommended for use

B = Good - Minimal Effect - minor discoloration and/or corrosion

C = Fair - Moderate Effect - swelling may occur, not recommended

D = Poor - Serious Effect - not recommended for any use

N/A = Information Not Available

Temperature Rating System

Some letter grades shown in this chemical compatibility chart may be accompanied by a number for example "A1". The number indicates that the material is rated up to a higher temperature.

Letter ratings without number (A, B, C, D) are rated between at least 18°C (64°F) and 23°C (73°F)

Letter ratings with numbers (A1, B1, C1, D1) are rated to at least 48°C (120°F)

Please note these are the temperatures that the materials have been rated at and are not representative of the material's minimum or maximum operating temperatures.

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